A. Make sure surface is thoroughly clean. Remove any grease, dirt or residue with Lacquer Thinner or Acetone.

B. Tape the Name roughly in place with Painters Masking Tape, measure and adjust the location of the Name as desired using the horizontal base line and vertical line provided.

C. Now tape the centre of the name with masking tape to the boat with about 2 to 3” overhang top and bottom. Place a section of tape horizontal over the top overhang portion. Make sure the tape is securely fastened.

D. Lift one side of the application from the backing, tear or cut off the backing and holding the application taught, slightly away from the work surface, and using the supplied squeegee, squeegee outwards from the centre of the name keeping the squeegee firm and flat as possible.

E. Remove the masking tape from the remainder of the name, lift the second half of the name from the backing paper and repeat the same process as you have just preformed.

F. Squeegee the entire graphic using an up/down motion over the image, again from the centre out on both sides.

G. Remove the application tape by pulling it back at as flat as it’s possible to the applied surface and discard.

H. Any air bubbles can be removed with a pin or xacto knife prick and pressing down with the squeegee or finger.

I. Bingo, you are now the proud owners of an addition to your family. Look after Her.

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